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From Salvador Dalí’s Rare 1975 Illustrations for Romeo & Juliet-sh
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The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.
— A midsummer night’s dream, William Shakespear
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shakespeare 450th bday if you dont like shakespeare meh im sorry

Source: Goldstar FB page … This tickled me :)
-sh…[til] next we meet.


Source: Goldstar FB page … This tickled me :)

…[til] next we meet.

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shakespeare meme: [4/8] plays
   ↳twelfth night

shakespeare meme: [4/8] plays

   twelfth night

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"The video should end with us doing this right now."

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melts my heart sometimes I have this urge to wake up sleeping puppies and infants i am evil but I find them irresistibly cute
So raise a glass to teenage girls for their linguistic innovation. It expands our expressive vocabulary, giving us new words and modes of expression. Speakers may nostalgically look to a previous golden era of English, but the truth is that Shakespeare’s English is an abomination of Chaucer’s English, which is an abomination of Beowolf’s. Language is inherently unstable. It’s in a constant state of flux, made and remade—stretched, altered, broken down and rearranged—by its speakers every day. Rather than a sign of corruption and disorder, this is language in its full vitality—a living, evolving organism.
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